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Real Estate Investment


Since 2002

We would like to be your Real Estate Personal Advisor, we want to care about you, we would like to continue working with you. Our main priority in our day-to-day schedule is providing good customer service. 


We provide expertise arquitectes, designers, lawyers, etc. It's important for us to listen to what our clients are communicating to us, understand what their needs are.

"We allways try to put ourself in our client's shoes"


Spain has a unique lifestyle that can't replicated in Europe. Pleasant weather, fantastic healthcare system, Brillant Standard of Living and Investment. Beautiful Barcelona is increasingly becoming more cosmopolitan and affluent and a lot of factors make Barcelona a lucrative investing opportunity and the center of the Mediterranean euro zone. Ger&Clau helps you in this duty.

Barcelona has 7 million square meters of office, commercial and industrial space.

Mallorca and Marbella have many reasons to invest such as, quality of life, business activity, infrastructures, european multiculturalism and many more. Ger&Clau helps you in this duty.


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