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Established in 2002, Ger&Clau is an investment company and a bespoke home and property search consultancy acting as a trusted advisor to buyers and sellers.


We serve in all areas of Barcelona, Mallorca and Marbella.


We understand our client's time is very valuable so our goal is to save it, working for You.

Our service is personal and confidential. Ger&Clau, your Personal Property Advisor,  are solely committed to our clients.


Ger&Clau can provides personal introductions to other services that you may require during and following your acquisition process.



We would like to be your Real Estate Personal Advisor, we want to care about you, we would like to continue working with you. Our main priority in our day-to-day schedule is providing good customer service.


We provide expertise arquitects, designers, lawyers, etc. It is important for us to listen to what our clients are communicating to us, understanding what their needs are.


Spain has a unique lifestyle that can not be replicated in Europe.

Pleasant weather, an excellent healthcare system, brilliant standard of living and a great opportunity for investment. Beautiful Barcelona is increasingly becoming more cosmopolitan and affluent and a lot of factors make Barcelona a lucrative opportunity and the centre of the Mediterranean Euro Zone. Ger&Clau helps you in all these fields.


Barcelona has 7 million square meters of office, commercial and industrial space. 


Mallorca and Marbella have many reasons to invest such as, quality of life, business activity, infrastructure, European Multiculturalism and many more. Ger&Clau helps you in all these fields.

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    Provide our client with the best cost. Saving you money.

    Provide our client and choosing the best of the best product.

    Provide our client with the best service. It's part of our DNA.


    Provide our client with honesty. Always a trusted advisor. ​



Additionally, Ger&Clau help out with charity programme helping the different NGOs.

"We would like to donate something Today for a better Tomorrow"

"We always try to put ourselves in our client's shoes"



AICAT 6967     API  A10996


Zaragoza 1-3, local 36

08860 Castelldefels

Barcelona, Spain

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